A large proportion of Tim Schmelzer’s artistic work is staged in public spaces using light projections from large-format projectors and video installations. His graphic work is presented at international light art festivals and cultural events. This also includes stage sets for theatre and opera productions. As a projection artist, Tim Schmelzer also undertakes social projects and tackles social issues in his works. Well-known art galleries and museums in Austria have commissioned Tim Schmelzer to create free projections for their premises and façades or have provided him with exclusively selected art works for his graphic designs. His work is presented in follow three emphases in the public space:        

Cultural and social works Music and literatureare the focus of free graphic works. These are presented in the form of façade designs and stage sets. Symbols are projected at chosen locations for environmental issues such as the abandonment of atomic power. Support has also been provided for social projects, including a workshop at a detention school in Cork, Ireland.

Light Art Festivals At international light festivals, the works take the form of video installations and large-format projections. These include the light festival “Glow - light in architecture and art” in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, the “Festival of lights” in Berlin, the “Kolding light festival” in Denmark, and the “Wien Leuchtet” light festival in Austria.

Museum Tim Schmelzer has created projection collages based on the collections of Austrian museums such as the Albertina, the Hermann Nitsch Museum and the Leopld Museum. These collages were displayed on the museum’s façades using large-format projectors or, in the case of the mirrored portico of the Albertina, implemented by means of projections that created an artwork you could walk through.