Tim Schmelzer, born 1968 in Bielefeld, Germany, has been living and working in Vienna as a projection artist since 1999. The emphasis of his work is on the creation of original visual forms of expression for presentation in public space via projections. His animations and pictorial compositions are characterized by the integration of existing visual elements from art, culture, and society. Tim Schmelzer defines the effect of the visual language of his work by coordinating the projection medium in relationship with the projection environment. In 2003, he founded Lichttapete, a light art collective for conceptual projection design.
The visual artwork of Tim Schmelzer was projected on noted Austrian art institutions, museums, cultural events and also on international light art festivals in form of large scale slide projections and video animations on urban building surfaces. Tim Schmelzer has expanded the range of his light art projects with landscape and building projections in Ireland emphasizing photographic documentation. These works gave rise to an extensive light art project entailing the illumination of 51 structures in Ireland (Lookoutpost.com). In addition to projection art Tim Schmelzer especially interested in photography, in particular as a means to document his impressions while traveling through Ireland.


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